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November 19, 2016  

Vince is joined by Mike as they talk whats new in cars, Vince also let's ypu know what's up at the LA Auto show. Enjoy. #DTRadio #KeepOnWrenching

November 7, 2016  

We have just what it says up top. Cflo's News and Book Review. We also have the long awaited return of Ben's Spectacular Specs!! Enjoy. #DTRadio #KeepOnWrenching

November 7, 2016  

Vince and Chris are back and talking about Cflo's journey to Austin, TX for the F1 race at Circut of the Americas. We also go into the Dave Coleman Invitational at Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway. And we finish with a little from the website. Enjoy. #DTRadio #KeepOnWrenching

October 22, 2016  

Vince and Ben are joined by Senior DT writer Matt, from his crappy Aussie car somewhere in the Carolinas. We have lots of fun talking about smuggling and cars. #DTRadio #KeepOnWrenching

October 22, 2016  

Ashley and Cflo play games while Vince interviews Global Rally Cross Drivers. #DTRadio #KeepOnWrenching

October 8, 2016  

With Vince gone we finally have a good time in studio as Cflo does the new from a LeMons race and Ashley tells Mazda stories from her weekend at Laguna Seca. We also do Get Off My Driveway!!! And did I mention No Vince!!! #PartyWithNoVince #DTRadio #KeepOnWrenching 

October 1, 2016  

The Carnival is on the road this week at Absolution Brewery in Torrance, CA. We are joined by owner and co founder Steve Farguson. We talk VW vans and craft beer. This is a two part show so make sure you listen to both. #DTRadio #KeepOnWrenching

September 16, 2016  

Vince is joined by director of San Diego Fleet Week and Coronado Festival of Speed Brian Sack. We get a quick rundown of the week's events, most already happened but the Classic Car races are on the weekend. We also do from the website and Cflos news! Enjoy! #DTRadio #KeepOnWrenching  

September 13, 2016  

The second half of last fridays live show. We do from the website and play Defend Your Car!!! Enjoy. #DTRadio #KeepOnWrenching

September 10, 2016  

Vince, Cflo and Ashley are joined by AutoExtremist.com founder Peter DeLorenzo. We talk all things OEM and few things after market. We also play some games. Enjoy. #DTRadio #KeepOnWrenching

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