Daily Turismo Radio Podcast about cars, comedy, and culture from the guys at dailyturismo.com.

September 10, 2016  

Vince, Cflo and Ashley are joined by AutoExtremist.com founder Peter DeLorenzo. We talk all things OEM and few things after market. We also play some games. Enjoy. #DTRadio #KeepOnWrenching

September 6, 2016  

Vince and Ben are joined via inter galactic Skype by the great KBZ, logo guru at DailyTurismo.com. They discuss euro rental cars, leaky green balls and pizza. Enjoy. #DTRadio #KeepOnWrenching

September 2, 2016  

Vince, Cflo and Ashley try out a new game and rant about what is wrong in the world today. We also have a From the website/ defend your car and Cflo has news. Enjoy. #DTRadio #KeepOnWrenching

August 30, 2016  

This is the second half of the live broadcast from last Friday night on TalkRadioOne.com. We Find a car for Ashley's parents and discuss the week at DailyTurismo.com and Cflo is back with HIS news! Enjoy! #DTRadio #KeepOnWrenching 

August 27, 2016  

The crew is all back together this week as we welcome in Volvo enthusiast and all around car Swede Alex Buchka. We talk Volvos and Volvos and more Volvos…. And we do 10 sec car review. Enjoy. #DTRadio #KeepOnWrenching

August 23, 2016  

Vince and his sub cohost are joined on the phone by Cflo who regales us with tales from the road of the first 24 hour Lemons rally. We also have Ben's news! Enjoy. #DTRadio #KeepOnWrenching

August 20, 2016  

GTP Jonny from the Blown Pistons podcast joins Vince and our pair of fill in lackeys. We talk Pontiacs and podcasts, 10 Second car reviews and play should have never been born. Enjoy. #DTRadio #KeepOnWrenching

August 13, 2016  

Inventor, Engineer, and self-described "healthy geezer" Doug Malewicki joins us LIVE in the studio - we talk Robosaurus, Evel Knievel, Everest, SkyTran, the Bonneville Salt Flats, staying Fit At 75, and bureaucrats ruining the world. CFlo returns for his news, and Producer Ben is conspicuous in his absence. #DTRadio #KeepOnWrenching 

August 6, 2016  

This week Vince and Ashley are joined by Road & Track writer Steve Lehto. We talk books and Tucker Auto and government conspiracies and Chargers dominant era in the glory years of stock car racing. After the break we play some games talk from the website, and with no Cflo, Ashley and Producer Ben have a news off!! Enjoy. #DTRadio #KeepOnWrenching SteveLehto.com

July 30, 2016  

Vince, Cflo, and Ashley are joined by Sean Lee from the Purist Group and an actual DailyTurismo.com reader!! We talk cool cars and philanthropy. In the second segment we discuss track day cars and Mrs. Cflo calls in to tell us how the search for the new Cflo family wagon is going. And Cflo has news… Enjoy! #DTRadio #KeepOnWrenching

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